Licensed by the City of San Antonio, TX

Obtaining a license through the city is their way of ensuring that you do not have a criminal record. Not anyone can obtain a license which should make you wonder, "Why does this person or company not have a license?" If the builder you are looking at does not have a license, ask them to obtain one or ask them, "Why are you not licensed?" Sometimes criminals will obtain licenses via someone else, however if they are going to sell a construction product, they need an "extension" of the license holder in order to do so. So if a sales person says I do not have a license, ask them, "Why not? The city requires you to have an extension through the license holder." Remember, there is always a reason why!

We carry 2 Million in Liability Insurance

This is your house someone is working on. What happens when a window breaks, or a gas line is broken? What happens should there be an even greater catastrophe? Who will pay for all the damage? If your builder is not insured, do you really think they are going to pay for all the damage they cause? You can take them to court, but to get what? The court will give you a ruling, but will not make them pay. Nobody wants a disaster, not you and certainly not the builder. It simply boils down to "who will pay for the damages?"

We Offer Confidence and Peace of Mind

Our two main builders provide over 40 years of building experience. We DO NOT just pull from Craigslist’s and put them on your job and hope for the best. Believe it or not, that is the way it is done for about 80% of the builders out there. Single man builders advertise on Craigslist and larger builders pull them to do their work; either way you end up with the same person. We systematically train our people to build our way; by code. The city requires builders to use the IRC, even for decks. Who does that? Virtually no one, except for us! Construction matters are no joke; injury is always possible on projects performed by poor quality and workmanship. When profits run tight, where do you think most builders make up for it? Thats right.....material and workmanship.

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Licensed by the City of San Antonio, Texas and insured for your protection!

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